About Us

It is a real pleasure for our company to present you with our endowment and publicity product line. More than 30 years of experience provide you with good quality, excellent price and proper fulfillment. We manufacture our own fabrics; embroider and print them as well. The products that the company offers to our customers vary from publicity t-shirts to company uniforms and t-shirts for commercialization (Full package).


Textiles Acrilan Ltda. is dedicated to manufacture and market high quality garments for women, men and children at competitive prices, generating excellent customer shopping experience in our staff and organizational wellness.


Consolidate as a leading company in the textile sector, reaching high quality standards of products and services, high productivity, profitability and social welfare within and outside the organization, that allow us to cover more of the domestic market and make inroads internationally, meeting the needs of our customers, employees and shareholders.